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The late Fred Kelley established Kelley Engineers in 1962. The business was renamed Kelley Covey Group following the successful merger of Kelley Engineers and Covey Associates in 2002.

Kelley Covey Group, under the leadership of director Kevin Covey, went on to become a successful privately owned engineering company with projects across Australia and internationally to Papua New Guinea, Asia and the Middle East.

Kelley Covey Group has a wealth of experience and highly skilled in all facets of project delivery. The Tamworth team is also supported by Covey Associates in Maroochydore.

The team has successfully delivered projects across the spectrum of the residential, tourism, commercial, industrial and public works, environmental, educational, racing, and aged care and retirement sectors.

The team are internationally and nationally renowned for their work, which includes civil, structural, environmental, hydraulic engineering, landscaping and fire safety.
The team also provide comprehensive services in project management and planning, feasibility costing and evaluations, design documentation and professional advice for construction phases for small to large projects.

Short of thinking up the project in the first place – although they have done that in the past – the team can deliver a complete client service, cover every stage of the process and therefore ensures every step from brief to construction to completion runs smoothly.

Managing Director Kevin Covey and Manager Justin Cant take a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business and its projects, from technical expertise, staff management and operations to client liaison, ensuring your peace of mind that your project is given the highest attention at every step.

The firm’s integrated structure has seen the company deliver an impressive track record of successful projects and means clients benefit from access to a pool of industry experience.
Kelley Covey Group continues to be a name synonymous with quality, consistency and outstanding work.

Kelley Covey Group Ltd - Quality Policy

Kelley Covey Group Ltd - Quality Policy

We at Kelley Covey Group are individually and collectively committed to providing a consistently high standard of service to our clients, and the general community at large.

To ensure the above we:-
• limit our services to the areas of our expertise
• abide by the Code of Ethics of the Institution of Engineers, Australia
• commit adequate resources to the project and
• have implemented a Quality Assurance system based upon AS/ISO 9001: 2015.

As a Company we also believe that abiding by an effective Quality Assurance system will:-
• minimise our exposure to risk
• reduce inefficiency and increase profitability
• deliver a better "product"

Quality is achieved by:
⬧ ensuring project performance and staff performance is reviewed periodically to benchmarks set by the Managing Director;
⬧ ensuring that all completed work is reviewed before leaving the office by suitably qualified or experienced staff;
⬧ maintaining the competency and skill of staff at a high level;
⬧ all project design and documentation will be fit for purpose, as determined by an Independent Assessor – e.g. Building Certifier, Council Approval, etc
⬧ regularly auditing the work of Coveys workers to ensure compliance with company policies by conducting internal audits;
⬧ responding to client enquiries in a timely manner;
⬧ register and maintain preferred supplier or prequalification arrangements with public organisations.

The Management and staff are totally committed to appropriate adherence to the requirements of the Quality Management system


Kevin Covey
Managing DirectorDate: 03-10-2017

Reviewed:  13-02-23 (Reaffirmed)






How Kelley Covey Can Help You

Without the right structure a building will not stand the test of time and this fundamental truth is the cornerstone to the Kelley Covey Group and the foundation of how we work with our clients.


Whatever the scale or complexity of the project, Kelley Covey is committed to offering and delivering complete client service, covering every stage of the process and therefore guaranteeing every stage is rolled out in keeping with our clients’ expectations.


Kelley Covey has become internationally and nationally renowned for their ‘one-stop-shop’ approach within civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental and fire safety disciplines.


The team offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of any project, including:


  • The full spectrum of engineering services: civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental and fire
  • Project management and planning
  • Project costings and evaluation
  • Professional advice
  • Design documentation and construction phase services

    The Kelley Covey team is internationally renowned in their field for award-winning projects across numerous sectors, including:


  • Residential
  • Racing
  • Tourism
  • Commercial
  • Environmental
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Extractive industries
  • Industrial and public works
  • Aged care and retirement

    Kelley Covey will also assist in all areas of council and government negotiation, helping you get the outcomes needed to bring your project to completion with the least disruption possible.


    Environmentally sustainable development is an essential component of a successful project, not only to meet legislative requirements, but also to satisfy market expectations. The Kelley Covey Group has designed a number of award-winning innovative projects that protect and enhance existing vegetation and environmental features.


    The team also specialises in the coordination and preparation of environmental impact statements and are noted for their aptitude when negotiating with local authorities and State/Federal Agencies on behalf of clients.


    Kelley Covey only employ staff with post-graduate qualifications in Fire Safety Engineering, enabling economic designs that fulfil both ‘deemed to satisfy’ and performance based criteria in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.


    As a point of difference to competitors and to ensure Kelley Covey truly offer clients a one-stop option, the firm also provides landscape architecture and environmental engineering services.



    "We have no hesitations in recommending the Kelley Covey team as they are quick, reliable, effective and most of all cooperative when it comes to providing us with building and design engineering. I look forward to working with the team on future projects."

    Peter Dunst | Owner | Dunst Bros Builders

    "I have enjoyed working with the Kelley Covey team for the past four years. I have contracted them to provide engineering, structural design and project management of a number of my development projects. The team always go out of their way to provide top end services - nothing is too much for them. They are experienced, knowledgeable, very friendly and most of all the ultimate professionals. I highly recommend working with them."

    Charles Sfeir | Director | Majeti Limited

    "We have enjoyed working with the Kelley Covey team for the past 20 years. Over this time, we have worked alongside the team on a number of innovative and unique projects within the horse and greyhound racing industry across Australia and Dubai. Kelley Covey is a national leader within this industry for their forward-thinking designs and research. I have found Kelley Covey to be professional, responsive, deadline driven, collaborative and hard working."

    John Fargher | Managing Director | Steriline Racing



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