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Multi-award winning Kelley Covey Group
established in 2002 and still growing.

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How The Kelley Covey Group Can Help You

Without the right structure a building won’t stand the test of time and this fundamental truth is the cornerstone to the Kelley Covey Group and the foundation of how we work with our clients.
Whatever the scale or complexity of the project, Kelley Covey is committed to offering and delivering complete client service, covering every stage of the process and therefore guaranteeing every stage is rolled out in keeping with our clients’ expectations.

Kelley Covey has become internationally and nationally renowned for their ‘one-stop-shop’ approach within civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental and fire safety disciplines.

The team offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of any project, including:

  • The full spectrum of engineering services: civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental and fire
  • Project management and planning
  • Project costings and evaluation
  • Professional advice
  • Design documentation and construction phase services

The Kelley Covey team is internationally renowned in their field for award-winning projects across numerous sectors, including:

  • Residential
  • Racing
  • Tourism
  • Commercial
  • Environmental
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Extractive industries
  • Industrial and public works
  • Aged care and retirement

Kelley Covey will also assist in all areas of council and government negotiation, helping you get the outcomes needed to bring your project to completion with the least disruption possible.

Environmentally sustainable development is an essential component of a successful project, not only to meet legislative requirements, but also to satisfy market expectations. The Kelley Covey Group has designed a number of award-winning innovative projects that protect and enhance existing vegetation and environmental features.

The team also specialises in the coordination and preparation of environmental impact statements and are noted for their aptitude when negotiating with local authorities and State/Federal Agencies on behalf of clients.

Kelley Covey only employ staff with post-graduate qualifications in Fire Safety Engineering, enabling economic designs that fulfil both ‘deemed to satisfy’ and performance based criteria in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

As a point of difference to competitors and to ensure Kelley Covey truly offer clients a one-stop option, the firm also provides landscape architecture and environmental engineering services.

All of these team capabilities and strengths assist Kelley Covey in Working Harder for You.



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