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Multi-award winning Kelley Covey Group
established in 2002 and still growing.

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Planning and Development with Kelley Covey

Understanding the prospects of securing planning approvals for future development is the key to many projects. We can assist by providing a full assessment of your project’s development potential and aspects that might adversely or positively affect such potential.

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We have a keen understanding of planning frameworks and legislation and coupled with our technical expertise, we are able to effectively guide stakeholders and clients through the development process.

It is often vital that landowners, and others with a desire to ensure that planning policy supports their aspirations for the property or commercial activity, become involved in the state or local planning process.

We are able to advise clients on all development matters, from the continued monitoring of emerging local and state planning documents to detailed representations in support of the promotion of clients’ land assets and commercial interests. We can prepare written submissions and attend meetings or deputations on your behalf to ensure the decision-makers fully appreciate the impact of proposed changes to existing regulations and/or the benefits of your project for the wider community.

Our Planning services include:

  • Development Potential Assessments
  • Pre-Application Advice
  • Development Applications
  • Negotiated Decisions
  • Planning Appeals
  • State and Local Planning Advocacy
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