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Environmental Services with Kelley Covey

Environmental engineering requires a sound foundation in the environmental sciences, particularly issues that affect public health, and consists of:

  • provision of safe, palatable and ample water supplies
  • proper treatment, disposal of or recycling of wastewater and solid wastes
  • control of water, soil and atmospheric pollution (acoustic, vibration and air quality)

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Our environmental professionals are highly qualified in their field of expertise, including PhD and Certified Professionals in Erosion Sediment Control (CPESC). We have excellent knowledge of current trends, existing and proposed legislation, and policies around environmental impact assessment and management. Much of the work we undertake in environmental engineering requires a comprehensive knowledge of civil engineering and government legislation, regulations and policy frameworks.

We have a range of services supporting our environmental team, including:

  • Environmental consultancy
  • Civil and Structural engineering
  • Planning
  • Geographical Information Service (GIS)
  • Landscape Architecture

We work closely with stakeholders and agencies to ensure management plans are developed with a well communicated process and consistency. We understand that in business, time is money. Our proven approach ensures that all the necessary approvals, licences and legislative requirements are met within required timeframes and with minimum delay.

Our environmental team and landscape architects are fully integrated with our other in-house experts in civil, structural, hydrology and design . This gives you access to all the specialists you need with one point of contact.

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  Bicentennial Park   Botanical Gardens   Tamworth Lookout  



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